Friday, January 8, 2021

Come on, burn my ears! #12

Hey brutal bangers,
the last episode of "Come on, burn my ears!" was published even in October 2020, so it's a lot of time that I didn't publish a new episode of the main Timpani allo Spiedo's playlist. So, the time has come to refresh this playlist, also because, in the meantime, we received many new bands, and this way is perfect to listen to them before we'll review them.
Few bullshits, let's go already to discover the bands, that range from bestial black/death metal to atmospheric black metal, and from crust punk/d-beat to the classic hardcore punk madness! But I advise that, this time, the tracks are only 15 instead of the usual 20.
The playlist, in its exact order, is the following:

1) Intolerant - "Bastard Humans"
2) Bas Rotten - "Surge"
3) !T.O.O.H.! - "Pĕt nedĕl ve srubu"
4) Sickle of Dust - "The Veteran"
5) Netherblade - "Nothing is Real"
6) Perdition Sect - "Infinite Incarceration"
7) Undertakers - "Best Hate"
8) Sacrocurse - "Heretical Catharsis"
9) Sviatibor - "Primitive Time Remembrances"
10) Jesus Wept - "Comfortably Dumb"
11) Amphist - "What the Thunder Said"
12) Satanize - "Baphomet Altar Worship"
13) Fuck the Facts - "Pleine Noirceur"
14) My Own Voice - "Exile Underground"
15) Destinazione Finale - "In bilico nel reale"
16) Overcharge - "Black Diesel Breath"

Playlist YouTube's link:


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