Friday, July 5, 2013

Morbid Blood Kult - "Promo Tape" (2012)

Self – produced promo tape (August 9th 2012)

Line – up (2012):     A.O.A. – vocals/guitar;
                                  T.V.P. – guitar/vocals;
                                  W.B.B. – drums.

Location:                 Essen/Bochum, North Rhine/Westfalia (Germany).

Better song of the promo:


Better feature of the band:

Its grinding intensity.

The promo tape of the Morbid Blood Kult is one of the better debuts of the previous year in the genre of the bestial black/death metal, that is living a very intense period during these last times. This promo is so aggressive and furious that it lasts for almost 5 minutes per 2 tracks, that are very different between them. But I am realizing I’m writing too much in this introduction, so let’s go with calm to review what these young kraut boys have to offer to us.

As regards the bestial fury, they are very close to the Canadians Radioactive Vomit but, despite these ones, the Morbid Blood Kult don’t have crust influences. In addition, the more classical bestial black/death metal meets with a bunch of grind into their 2 songs, so you’ll expect a lot of blast – beats, simple and ultra – fast riffs, short and impact – breaks (like in “Contamination”) and a very elementary songs’ structure complete with (pseudo) – choruses. Besides all this, the solos are completely absent into their tracks, and this is a curious feature for a band of this genre.

The vocal sector is one of the better features of the band, since it is characterized by an infernal chaos made of "ignorant" growls a là Von (the main vocals), diabolic screams a là Black Witchery, and there are even some guttural vocals in killerpig – style. And still, the band uses at times the echo on the vocals, so to makes them in a more terrifying way, especially during the screams.

As I wrote before, the songs presents a good variety. After a one – minute intro (but I don’t still understand the usefulness of the intros ‘cause, if you need to destroy the ears of the listeners, why do you prepare them with… an intro?), “Throw Them Down” starts and ends with an unstoppable assault of one minute and a half of length. Then, there is “Contamination”, that is a bit structured than the first song, having also some remarkable mid – tempos.

In conclusion, the Morbid Blood Kult deserves very much, and it’s a shame that the promo lasts only 5 minutes, hence, a more consistent assault will need for the next time to test in a better way the performance of this promising band. And I must congratulate with it as regards the chaotic and “true” but audible production of the promo.

Vote: 75

Flavio “Claustrofobia” Adducci


1 – Throw Them Down/ 2 – Contamination