Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Defechate: released a single very fit for these hard times!

Hey brutal bangers,
the Italian death metal duo Defechate, in which there is on vocals/bass a certain Giuseppe "Tato" Tatangelo (already known on these pages for his militancy in bands like Glacial Fear and A Buried Existence), released recently on YouTube "Uomo ossidato" (Italian for "Oxidized Man"), a song taken from their upcoming debut full-lenght.

xQuarantenaxDeliriumx: a new HC punk project in the time of Coronavirus...

Hey brutal bangers,
this fukken quarantine, despite everything, is unleashing the creativeness of the people. For example, a new HC punk project (or band?) is born in Rome and its suburbs so to "break down the boredom in quarantine". And it isn't a case if its moniker is xQuarantenaxDeliriumx.