Saturday, November 3, 2018

MuD - "The Sound of the Province" (THC DIY Productions, 2017)

Band: MuD
Title: The Sound of the Province
Genre: Hardcore Punk with Thrash Metal influences
Time: 22.16 min
Release Date: 11th November 2017
Rating: 89/100

After attending yesterday a fantastic doom metal night with the legendary Abysmal Grief as headliners (expect a nice live report about it in the next days to come!), today you'll read a very enthusiastic article about the third album by MuD! It was released by their label THC DIY Productions along with other many label like Italian Thrash Attack, a kind of cooperation usual for the HC punk albums. But what's more interesting is that Mauro Garbati (also known as AldoHC) sent me a pack with included not only the physical CD version of the album but also the stickers of the band along with the last issue (the 13th one, exactly, released in March 2011) of "10 anni di mucchi selvaggi e ossa rotte in Italia" (Italian for "10 years of  wild bunches and broken bones in Italy"). This was a well-written fanzine edited by the guys of the website and focused on the '80s Italian hardcore punk whose issues had te only problem to be tooo short (only 4 pages) but, at least, the contents were really cool (the issue in my hands contains an interview to Indigesti).