Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Blasphemy+Necromorbid+Barbarian Swords (Rome, 5th December 2019)

Bands: Blasphemy+Necromorbid+Barbarian Swords
Date: 5th December 2019
Location: Traffic Live Club
Price: 35 €

Here comes Blasphemy! They were plenty of fukken years that we awaited this moment and, finally, these Canadian legends called Blasphemy played for the first time ever in Rome (and also in Italy) on 5th December 2019 at the Traffic Live Club! Ok, the price for the concert was really absurd because it was of 35 shitty euros, and I know many people who denied to be present that night just for that price. In addition, the concert was organized on Thursday, surely a "wrong" day, and also because of this "little" detail that there were less attendants than expected through the FB event. But fuck all these considerations because Blasphemy are a pure kult for me and, I repeat, it was their first time ever in Rome, so the occasion was truly unmissable in every fukken sense, also since who knows when they'll come back here in Italy?