Saturday, May 5, 2018

Mefitica - "Vessazione Cronica" (Branco Suidae/Hellbones Records, 2018)

Band: Mefitica
Title: Vessazione Cronica
Genre: Crust/Grindcore with Hardcore Punk and D-Beat influences
Year: April 2018
Time: 19 min circa
Rating: 87/100

3 days ago I reviewed an HC/Grindnoise matinĂ©e...and today the HC noise attacks again on these brutal pages! In fact, this review is about "Vessazione Cronica" (Italian for "chronic oppression"), the second album by Mefitica. An Italian trio born in the winter 2012 between Carpineto Romano and Colleferro (two small towns in the region of Lazio), Mefitica are "influenced by everything's rotten that reigns on this society, by the death of the soul because of the daily distress, by the anger, the labour exploitation and the '80s Italian hardcore punk", so they conceive their music as a combative way to survive into this fuckin' reality. All this is expressed with extreme rage into "Vessazione Cronica", an all Italian coproduction between Mefitica, Branco Suidae (a small DIY live gig agency) and Hellbones Records (it was just the owner of this Young Roman label that sent me in person the physical CD of this album).