Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Closed Speech - "Rookies" (Self-released, 2018)

Band: Closed Speech
Title: Rookies
Genre: Punk Rock with Melodic Hardcore Punk influences
Time: 31.40 min
Release date: 15th December 2018
Vote: 81/100

The first time that I saw on stage Closed Speech was a little strange: it was a grindcore night that they opened, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with the other bands! At that time they were working on their debut album, then self-released during the last remnants of 2018. Well, while Francesco and I were working on the "Se beccamo ner pit!" compilation focused on the LazioHC scene, I received directly from Closed Speech their debut album in order to put two tracks of in into the aforementioned compilation. After some months, I am finally going to review this debut album called "Rookies"... but, after Milksnake, also this time expect nothing belonging to the extreme metal!