Friday, October 4, 2013

Bestial Mutilation - "Entwined Within the Realms of Death" (2013)

Demo (January 2013)

Line – up (2011):    M.O.R-T. – vocals/guitars/basso/drum – machine.

Location:                Netherlands… simply.

Better song of the demo:

“Incantations of Demonic Execration”.

Better feature of the band:

The vocals.
 Cover artwork: M.O.R-T.

I could buy some albums only for their awesome cover artworks, maybe it’s an exaggeration but “Entwined Within the Realms of Death” are one of them. Its cover is so full of details and strange abominations that I loved it already and without doubts. I bought this demo, along with the Imprecation and Vasaeleth’s t – shirts from the German label Iron Bonehead, so to have its 7th copy of 100 ones. Unfortunately, when I put it for the first time into my tape player, it surprised me in a very negative way. For the truth, I expected a bit that reaction after reading on the booklet that Bestial Mutilation hasn’t a real drummer but the drum – machine, that I hate with all my heart, unless someone uses it in a good and effective way. In spite of all these premature considerations, “Entwined Within the Realms of Death” is very far to be a disaster.

First of all, this debut demotape consist of 8 tracks per 26 minutes circa of length, but only 4 of them are true songs, while the other ones are intro simply characterized by some guttural vocals and occasional ambient elements like death bells or… water (“Curses from Beyond”). As regards the songs, Bestial Mutilation, as you can understand from its moniker, plays a very primitive bestial black/death metal made of perennial blast – beats alternated with some ultra – funeral doom moments. The riffing is based largely on tremolo picking and vomits obscure death metal riffs a là first Demoncy, while the lead guitar spits also 3 noisy “solos” (it’s hard to consider them through that term) per song. I like very much the wicked vocals, since they are gasping growls so low to seems to be a continuous whisper; besides all this, the vocals are helped by a good and atmospheric reverb, completing the sensation of suffocation that embraces the entire production.

But the music of Bestial Mutilation is both primitive and really monotonous, also because the songs are full enough of breaks with the relative restarts, that, unfortunately, are so direct and without creativity to be ineffective. This due also to the plastic and buried sound of the drum – machine, that isn't able to create the right tension throughout.

Anyway, there is a song a bit different from the other ones: “Incantations of Demonic Execration”. This is the only good episode of the demo, where the lead guitar try to be more “musical” during one of its solos and where the songs’ structure is more fluid than the usual. That’s the reference song for the future assaults to come!

The production of “Entwined Within the Realms of Death” is very dirty and raw but it is audible enough (drum – machine and bass excluded, as it is obvious – nay, I don’t think there is the bass on the songs, true?), as we like it.
All in all, Bestial Mutilation shows some interesting potentialities that I hope they will developed during the future in a better way. Now, it vomits only a great and asphyxiating atmosphere, nothing else. But I must congratulate with M.O.R-T. (acronym for Messenger of Rhan Tegoth) to caring every aspect of the demo, that was recorded at his Flesh Rites’ 8 track home studio “somewhere in The Netherlands”. For the next times, also the music must be very fuckin’ cool, okay?

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Flavio “Claustrofobia” Adducci


1 – The Realms of Madness (1st intro)/ 2 – Infernal Witchcraft Attack/ 3 – Ancient Callings from the Deep (2nd intro)/ 4 – Devastation of the Legions of God/ 5 – That Witch is not Dead (3rd intro)/ 6 – Incantations of Demonic Execration/ 7 – Curses from Beyond (4th intro)/ 8 – Entwined Within the Realms of Death