Thursday, December 24, 2020


Hey brutal bangers,
in full lockdown I reviewed the long-held debut album of Hybridized, a Roman death/thrash/groove metal quintet that consists, among them, of the singer Marco Patarca, with which I worked together some years ago as an extreme metal DJ at a heavy metal club. So, it was a pleasure to review their work and, with the occasion, I saw also them on stage when they played at the Traffic Live Club in Rome on 25th September 2020, in a night where they were supported by a young prog metal band called Other Way Round, that replaced the original supporting act that was supposed to be the nu metallars Katana Banana.
As a coronation of all this, I thought well to interview Hybridized. The following is the chat, that I translated from Italian to English, that I had with them. Enjoy it!