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Timpani allo Spiedo ("Spit-Roasted Ears" in Italian) is an Italian extreme metal webzine born during the very far August 2008 as an e-mailzine.
At that time, it was focused exclusively on the Italian extreme metal scene. But, after 6 primitive issues, Timpani allo Spiedo became a webzine through this blog in the end of 2009. So, after many many months and receiving requests from bands from other countries, Timpani allo Spiedo became an International webzine with lots of articles written in English...or better, in my perfect and delirious "Broken English" in pure spaghetti-style! This happened especially in the magical period between 2012 and 2013.
Then, unfortunately I stopped the activities during 2014 because I was every day more involved to write for the Heavymetalwebzine.it (in which I am involved still today) recovering my blog in mid-2015 but in a very ephemeral way.
Now, Timpani allo Spiedo is back since September 2016 to spread to this rotting planet the most extreme metal forms of heavy metal.
So, the purpose of Timpani allo Spiedo is always the same: spreading the verb of the underground extreme metal in all its forms from the purest necro-black metal to grindcore, from funeral doom metal to avantgarde extreme metal (but always in an old-school way) and so on but I accept also hardcore punk and related genres (crust punk, power violence, fastcore etc...). No borders for Timpani allo Spiedo!
Now, if you want to send me your stuff to review, you can contact me through the following FB page of the Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine:




From the Rome Caput Mundi Underworld, 27th January 2018

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