Friday, April 28, 2017

PRAY U PREY - "Figure the 8" (Selfmadegod Records, 2017)

Title: Figure the 8
Genre: Death Metal/Crust Punk with Thrash Metal influences
Year: 20th January 2017
Time: 42 min
Rating: 75/100

It's been a very long time I reviewed a release of the Polish label Selfmadegod Records, and I think PRAY U PREY are perfect to break this looong silence thanks to their debut album "Figure the 8", preceded by the "Black Light of Time" EP (2015). But now it needs a clarification: we are talking about an emerging band but it is composed of true veterans of the extreme British scene considering that Shrew and Shrub played together in Prophecy of Doom (a crust/grindcore band of the early '90s) but now are into Alehammer while Simon and Colin comes from the crossover/thrashers Suicide Watch.