Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Discordant Hemispheres - ""Inferno+Paradiso"/"(24) Dicembre" (Independent, 2017)

Band: Discordant Hemispheres
Title: Inferno+Paradiso
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Year: 26th November 2017
Time: 18 min
Total rating: 70/100

Well guys, this article is about a kind of band that usually, as you know, I don't review since Discordant Hemispheres have (almost) nothing in common with an (old-school) extreme metal. But they comes from my city, Rome, and they are a very young band with a lot of talent and creativity. And another thing is that now I'll review even two releases in a single occasion. Precisely, these last ones are the first two singles that, respectively titled "Inferno+Paradiso" (Italian for "Hell+Heaven") and "(24) Dicembre" ("(24th) December"), will be released on a physical edition within one month since they are now available only in a digital format. So, stop with these bullshits and let's go to discover this quartet called Discordant Hemispheres!

Black Blood Invocation - "Black Blood Invocation" (Vonfrost Records/Deathrune Records, 2017)

Band: Black Blood Invocation
Title: Black Blood Invocation
Genre: Occult Black/Death Metal with Bestial influences
Year: 11th Februaru 2017 (Vonfrost Records)
          16th June 2017 (Deathrune Records)
Time: 18 min
Rating: 71/100

After the black/speed metal machine Terrörhammer, today I'll review another Deathrune Records release. In fact, I'll talk you about the debut demo of Black Blood Invocation, two beasts called Xexanoth and Nyogtha (this one is very active in another acts like Cult of Eibon) that were united in 2014 directly from the infernal sewers of Greece. Precisely, their demo was originally released on the evergreen tape format under the blasphemous auspices of the young and prolific Canadian label Vonfrost Rec, and then reissued on CD format by, indeed, Deathrune Rec.