Thursday, March 1, 2018

REVIEWS' ATTACK #1: Trono Além Morte/Voëmmr (Harvest of Death/Signal Rex, 2017)

With this article, I finally opened the "reviews' attack" column!

Every article into this section will be about 2 or more releases by publishing reviews shorter than the usual. This because I want to allow to the readers to know about 2 or more releases that I consider worthy of attention in a single occasion. But also because for a question of comfort and convenience since I receive every month so many interesting promo releases that I prefer to summarize some of them in this way. In addition, these reviews' attacks will be about bands that are connected in a way or another, that can be their genre of reference and/or their label and/or their country etc... For instance, this article is about 2 black metal bands that belongs to Aldebaran Circle, a Portuguese sect formed by Ordem Satanica (already reviewed some months ago), Trono Além Morte, Voëmmr and Occelensbrigg. In particular, today I'll review Trono Além Morte and Voëmmr, whose debut albums were released firstly on tape by Harvest of Death and secondly on vinyl by its parent label Signal Rex. Prepare to discover two totally insane entities from Portugal, a country that now is becoming a true kvlt for every maniac of the sickest forms black metal.