Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Hail metalheads,
today I am very honored to present to you this awesome interview to the war metal band par excellence Holocausto, a true kult from Brazil. This interview is here because I contacted them through the evergreen FaceBook, and their guitarist Valerio Exterminator, a very nice and likeable person, replied already to my request. But, behind all this, there is a funny story: in fact, before I received the long answers that you will read soon, Valerio confounded the interviews done by some 'zines, so he sent to me the one by a Clandestine 'zine while it looks that this one received the interview by me under the name Timpani allo Spiedo! Fortunately, after this funny mess, everything's worked out and here you are an interview focused mainly on the past of this influential band with some news about their recent and new efforts (for example, do you know that they are recording a new full-lenght album now?). So, don't still waste your time and read what Holocausto said on this interview, from their very early days from their recent gigs with Nunslaughter and Blasphemy!!!