Monday, November 25, 2013

Slutvomit - "Swarming Darkness" (2013)

Full – length album (Invictus Productions, 30th September 2013)

Line – up (2006):    M. Larson – vocals/guitar;
                                K. Sanberg – bass/vocals;
                                J. Zarnecki – drums.

Location:                 Seattle/Bellingham, Washington (USA).

Better song of the album:

“Morbid Priest (of Hell)”

Better feature of the band:

Its occasional moments of relative complexity.

“What’s the name of your band, my son?”, “Slutvomit!”. The Slutvomit have one of the coolest monikers of all times, it is demented and stinking as must be for a band of this kind. The band, founded in 2006, then drew the attention of the Irish Invictus Productions (the label where there are dodgy bands like Diocletian and Witchrist, warning!) and after it started to record its blasphemous debut album with eleven songs for 36 minutes circa of black/thrash fuckin’ metal made in USA.

I am not a big fan of black/thrash metal, don’t ask me why, but when I relate it with USA, country that hasn’t curiously a good tradition in the pure black metal, I think invariably to Summon and their album called “Baptized by Fire”, a little gem of furious metal full of blast – beats and chaos. All right, at this point the paragon with the Slutvomit doesn’t exist anymore because these ones, despite their moniker, are less wild than the appearances. Yeah, they loves seriously the fast tempos, especially through not too much unbridled tupa – tupas (there are also the blast – beats but not in a very frequent way), all the more so because the mid/slow tempos are almost inexistent. And yeah, the singer vomits some malefic and mocking screams with occasional bestial growls and hysterical falsettos a là Tom Araya. And still yeah (is it over, I hope?), the Slutvomit adore beyond every limit the solos, since some songs contains even three solos. And (for the last and ultimate time, he!) yeah, some tracks are so chaotic and intense that their length is just close to the 2 minutes of length (“Servants of Satan” and “Eden Ablaze”). BUT…

… but the Slutvomit, firstly, stands out both in the aforementioned tracks, where they shoots a wild fury, and in the longer and elaborated songs, like “Morbid Priest (of Hell)” (that contains even some doomish passages where the band plagiarizes manifestly “Gates of Nanna” of Beherit) and “Harbringer of Doom” (that was also into the EP of 2011 released by the German Iron Bonehead Records). Secondly, the band is even sometimes melodic, also during the solos, and this thing happens with a good frequency. Finally (and now it’s the turn of the flaws), the tupa – tupas aren’t always so effective as they must be, also because the music is a bit repetitive and foreseeable (I must mention the line vocals, for example), hence it’s a shame that the aforementioned songs are isolated incidents of excellent sonic massacre.

In conclusion, I excepted something better from the Slutvomit, nay, I should fuck Metal – Archives because, according to it, the band’s music should be raw black/death metal, misleading me another time, damn! All kidding aside, these boys have some good intuitions and clear ideas about their music so to follow in any case a recognizable style from start to finish, also during both the shorter and longer songs. But the problem is that these ones are so effective (especially the more structured tracks, where the band abandon for a while its raw simplicity, typical stanza/chorus scheme included) that the other songs are inferior to them. Hence, I advice to the band to follow the musical discourse of episodes like “Morbid Priest (of Hell”) for the next times, maybe adding contemporarily some touch of groove, that the ass dances when there is it (unfortunately, only in “Poservore” – awesome title, don’t you think?).

Vote: 69

Flavio “Claustrofobia” Adducci


1 – Swarming Darkness/ 2 – Downward Falling Christ/ 3 – Lucifer Unbound/ 4 – Bombing the Chapel/ 5 – Morbid Priest (of Hell)/ 6 – Poservore/ 7 – Necrovoyeur/ 8 – Servants of Satan/ 9 – Eden Ablaze/ 10 – Incendiary Rape/ 11 – Harbringer of Doom