Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hellias - "Eight Cardinal Sins" (Thrashing Madness Productions, 2017)

Band: Hellias
Title: Eight Cardinal Sins
Genre: Thrash Metal with many Modern/Experimental Metal elements
Year: 10th February 2017
Time: 55 min circa
Rating: 77/100

I have to admit that I knew nothing about the Polish band Hellias but two months ago Marcin from Mythrone Promotion sent to me their last album "Eight Cardinal Sins", released through their compatriot label Thrashing Madness Productions. In fact, Hellias is a true veteran band born even in the now far 1987 realizing its very first album "Closed in the Fate Coffin" in 1991, when thrash metal, the genre of reference of Hellias, was practically dead because supplanted at time by the prevailing death metal. I think that this delay into the thrash metal scene influenced decisively the international recognition of Hellias. It's also true that many veteran Eastern Europe metal bands, also in the case of a rich discography, are very respectable into their national borders but often very unknown to the rest of the metal world. Despite this, you know that especially Poland has become, at least during these last 15 years, an excellent breeding ground for (extreme) metal, and, surely, Hellias continue this tradition through their 5th album "Eight Cardinal Sins".