Thursday, January 5, 2017

Abomination - "Abomination" (Nuclear Blast, 1990; Doomentia Records, 2016)

Band: Abomination
Title: Abomination
Genre: Death/Thrash metal
Year: 1990 (2016's reissue)
Time: 41 min
Rating: 73/100

Paul Speckmann and the death metal music…you can say they are the same thing. In fact, Paul is one of the main icons of the entire death metal movement not only because he is the leader of the veterans Master but also because he lives death metal even since 1984 when he founded Deathstrike in a period where this genre hadn’t still well-precise borders. But, after Deathstrike, Paul founded other projects devoted completely to death metal so to range from the ephemeral Funeral Bitch to the long-lived Master through Abomination.

Among these death metal bands guided by Paul Speckmann, just Abomination have a crucial importance. They were a trio born in 1987 with a line-up initially consisted of the drummer Aaron Nickeas and the guitarist Mike Schaffer of Impulse Manslaughter (very soon substituted by the late lamented Dean Chioles). Achieved a contract with the German label Nuclear Blast after two demos, Abomination released their homonymous debut album on CD in 1990. And now the Czech label Doomentia Records has recently reissued “Abomination” on a vinyl version since his long collaboration with the same Paul Speckmann, that currently lives just in Czech Repubblic.