Sunday, October 13, 2019

One Way System+Obscene Revenge+Tacita+Choke Wire (Rome, 5th October 2019)

Bands: One Way System+Obscene Revenge+Tacita+Choke Wire
Location: Forte Prenestino, Roma
Date: 5th October 2019
Entrance: 5 €

Ultimately many bands belonging to the history of HC punk are going to play here in Rome. Some examples? Madball, Circle One, Asocial, Avskum... and now you must count in this list of HC giants also One Way System, the British legends that are out there to do some damage since 1978. In fact, today we'll talk about their ultra-intense gig kept at the Forte Prenestino squat on 5th October 2019. But to say the entire truth, I went there also to see in action one of the three supporting acts: Obscene Revenge, whose debut album, that I received one year ago from THC DIY Prod, amazed me a lot. So, let's start with this new live report... and I guarantee that you will read plenty of absurd, funny things!