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Circle One+Ira+Fronte della Spirale+The Ammonoids (Rome, 6th September 2019)

Bands: Circle One+Ira+Fronte della Spirale+The Ammonoids
Date: 6th September 2019
Location: Trecentosessantagradi, Rome
Price: 5 €

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Only few hours later coming back in my Rome after a very nice 5-day trip in Valencia, Spain, I attended the first live gig of the new season of Trecentosessantagradi (also known as 360), in 6th September 2019. The occasion was really unmissable because the headliners of that gig were nothing else than Circle One. They are a Los Angeles hardcore punk band founded even in 1980 that in 2008 released "Never Give Up", their comeback album after their first 1983 album, that was recorded with the legendary singer John Macias, unfortunately murdered by the police in 1992. As supporters, there were 3 young bands mostly coming from the Lazio's area, offering a line-up stylistically various enough to create interest also in the more casual attendants, even though every band is, more or less, into the hardcore punk spectrum.

The first band on the stage was The Ammonoids, a trio from Rome (even though many people thinks that they comes from the beach town of Ostia but, actually, only one of them is of that town!), that in these last times is working on its first EP, which will consist of 6 songs. Well, some of these ones were played during that night, and I've to say that The Ammonoids offered a setlist pleasantly various. In fact, mostly of them are carefree mid-tempo melodic punk rock hooks (like "Laurentina's Tower", dedicated to everyone living in the Laurentina, an area of Rome located in its suburbs) while others shows metallic influences but there are other ones that are furious examples of a very fukken raging hardcore punk. Needless to say, this last type of songs is my favorite while the NOFX/Green Day side of The Ammonoids isn't exactly in my tastes. But, in every case, the band know how to keep well the stage, especially thanks to the talkative singer, who is used to introduce the tracks even with funny jokes.

After The Ammonoids, it was the turn of a great band from Campobasso (the main town of the "inexistent" region of Molise). Their (strange) name is Fronte della Spirale ("front of the spiral" in Italian), and ultimately they suffered many line-up changes since the bassplayer (that played live with the band for the first time!) is new while their original bassist is now their singer. Anyway, this line-up is only temporary and, in fact, they are searching for a stable singer. Said this, I must confess that they impressed me a lot, and this because, despite their not so HC punk look (for example, 3 of them are long-haired), they plays a really angry hardcore punk characterized by serious social lyrics in Italian, very good technical skills, unpredictable tempo changes, and some bizarre solutions that see even funk parts! I appreciated a lot a speech by the singer about the need of the DIY against the big distribution as well the big companies, and it isn't a case if Fronte della Spirale self-releases the fanzine "Essemme", that was on sale at the band stand. However, I lost them some months ago in the occasion of the Till Death Fest (even though I was there, and I can say that this fest was great!), so I had ABSOLUTELY to see them!

One year ago I attended a fantastic hardcore punk festival called Marci su Roma, whose second edition will be in 2nd November 2019 at CSA Strike. Well, Marci su Roma #1 saw the debut live gig of Ira, a band born in the same 2018 that is doing many good things, also playing often on stage, as taught by the most classic hardcore punk attitude. From Civita Castellana and Genzano di Roma, they plays a fukken wild, pure and fast hardcore punk that seem seriously to come directly from the '80s, such is their sound so close to cult Italian acts such as Indigesti or Negazione, so you'll understand that we are talking about a very good band with plenty of cool things to offer in the future. The only bad thing is that I remember I saw Ira only during their last 2-3 songs, included even an Italian version of the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" originally performed by Caterina Caselli in the '60s! There is need to say that Ira are used to play cover songs (also very) far from their regular style as, to name another example, "Metal Militia" of Metallica, that they played once at the Malatempora punk pub.

At this point, the atmosphere in the venue was tremendously perfect for the first ever Italian gig of Circle One! So, they naturally unleashed a very great show, playing a lot of songs, also some US HC punk classics like "Six Pack" of Black Flag. You can easily imagine that the mosh was fuckin' intense throughout the exhibition of Circle One, also due to the presence of some skins within the moshing heads, so you don't know how many elbows there were that night hehe! Amazing was the performance of every Circle One's member, especially of the singer that, at a certain moment, came down from the stage to sing within us! At the end, as worthy conclusion of their show, we requested to them one more song but, if I remember well, they played even two encores!

Fuck, what a great gig to restart the HC punk riot in Rome! I liked every band, and I moshed a lot especially during Circle One, also diving from the stage for two times. Moshing is always a bit suicidal in 360 since the space is little and there is a hateful pillar in the middle that can creates some troubles but, however, who loves to mosh like me, mosh in EVERY fukken case, even as a kamikaze!

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