Thursday, April 13, 2017

Black Ceremonial Kult/Genocide Beast - "Demo XXIV/Demo XXV" (Old Temple, 2016)

Bands: Black Ceremonial Kult/Genocide Beast
Title: Demo XXIV/Demo XXV
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 11th November 2016
Time: 35 min
Rating: 60/100

I remember when, 10 years ago (I was 18 years old!), the bestial black/death metal bands were relatively few and many of them had still do to release their debut album despite a discography yet full of demos and splits (in this sense, I think to Necroholocaust or Goat Semen). Instead, the bestial black/death metal genre is now enough popular in the underground, so new bands see the (black) light almost every day to clone Blasphemy or, maybe, to extremize, if possible, their incorruptible verb. In fact, this day it's the turn of two new bands devoted to Blasphemy since the Polish label Old Temple has wanted to gather the very first demo of Black Ceremonial Kult and Genocide Beast into a sole split CD released the previous year. For the record, it's Marcin of Mythrone Promotion that has sent to me, through that list of promo kits composed also of the yet reviewed "Eight Cardinal Sins" of Hellias, this split titled "Demo XXIV/Demo XXV".