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Black Ceremonial Kult/Genocide Beast - "Demo XXIV/Demo XXV" (Old Temple, 2016)

Bands: Black Ceremonial Kult/Genocide Beast
Title: Demo XXIV/Demo XXV
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 11th November 2016
Time: 35 min
Rating: 60/100

I remember when, 10 years ago (I was 18 years old!), the bestial black/death metal bands were relatively few and many of them had still do to release their debut album despite a discography yet full of demos and splits (in this sense, I think to Necroholocaust or Goat Semen). Instead, the bestial black/death metal genre is now enough popular in the underground, so new bands see the (black) light almost every day to clone Blasphemy or, maybe, to extremize, if possible, their incorruptible verb. In fact, this day it's the turn of two new bands devoted to Blasphemy since the Polish label Old Temple has wanted to gather the very first demo of Black Ceremonial Kult and Genocide Beast into a sole split CD released the previous year. For the record, it's Marcin of Mythrone Promotion that has sent to me, through that list of promo kits composed also of the yet reviewed "Eight Cardinal Sins" of Hellias, this split titled "Demo XXIV/Demo XXV".

Well, the first band of the split are the Chileans Black Ceremonial Kult, that at time of their first demo "Aberah KeDabar Demo XIV", recorded after their foundation in 2014, were a trio while now a quartet strong of the new addition of the bassplayer Maut. Their discography is comprised only of another split in 2016 and, curiously, the very known German label Iron Bonehead Productions released in 2016 a compilation composed of all their stuff.
Said this, every maniac will understand that Black Ceremonial Kult are South American demons through the first notes of "N.O.X.", the first true song after the first intro. In fact, these Chileans plays a music incredibly merciless and primitive as the extreme South American metal tradition wants, spitting a bunch of painful blast-beats with the result to mix the most ruthless Marduk with Blasphemy for a bestial black/death metal rendered, anyway, a bit personal due to some slowdowns with a ritualistic atmosphere and mantric vocals, especially in songs like "N.O.X." and "Lucifer Rising". But, unfortunately, this total massacre is too penalised by a production literally cacophonous and noisy able seriously to incinerate your ears (try to listen to these songs through the headphones and let me know!). So, the music of these guys is too chaotic and unfocused, and this is increased by the very heavy reverb on the abominable vocals of Khaos. Anyway, I have to mention also the 3 connected songs called "J V I", "J V II (a bit more oriented on the slower tempos) and "J V III" (an onslaught of the senses of only 100 seconds circa), all focused on the poem "La Juive" by Aleister Crowley contained in his poetic book titled "The White Stains" (1898). For me, the ritualistic atmosphere was supposed to be developed in a better way.

Speaking about Genocide Beast, these are a US duo from Arizona born always in 2014 but, initially, they were a one-man band guided by Zyklonik Devastator, then assisted by the drummer Warazathoth while the bassplayer Blood help them for their live rituals since 2016. Their demo with the same name, released in 2016, represent, for the moment, the sole production by Genocide Beast, without counting this split.
Compared with Black Ceremonial Kult, Genocide Beast have my whole approval wit no fuckin' doubts! In fact, their (anti)-music is very faithful to their same moniker being a perfect soundtrack for EVERY genocide and mass extermination! I am so exalted because the style of Genocide Beast is incredibly direct and very close to Black Witchery, that are a so clear influence that the main riff of the conclusive "Eternal Sacrilege" seems to be taken from "Heretic Death Call" of the aforementioned Californian trio! Hence, expect a barbaric and unstoppable horde of blast-beats with no fuckin' slowdowns in EVERY song, no solos, a cavernous death metal-oriented riffing, short songs (like in the furious 96 seconds of "An Oblivious Journey") with the addition of the miasmic growls of Zyklonik Devastator and a listenable production. The final result is so simple to be truly devastating, also because the riffing is very inspired, the atmosphere is full of evil and warfare while the songs are managed very well also through some breaks with tremendous restarts as in the style of Black Witchery. Finally, as closing track, I couldn't ask for a song better than the indomable "Eternal Sacrilege" with his apocalyptic solo (the ONLY solo into the entire split!).

In brief, it's a shame for the side of Black Ceremonial Kult (rating: 50) but I remember to you that their songs into this split were taken from their very first demo, so I think that they are improved during these last times. Instead, MEGA-CONGRATULATIONS to Genocide Beast (rating: 70) that, for me, are even a new sensation band, so I hope they are working on new stuff but, meanwhile, they have printed their very first t-shirts. THE FINAL HOLOCAUST HAS BEGUN!!!


Black Ceremonial Kult side:

1 - Intro - Ritual Under the Magick Night
2 - N.O.X.
3 - Intro - Occult and Magick Ceremonial
4 - Lucifer Rising
5 - Intro - Psalms of the Antichrist
6 - J V I
7 - J V II
8 - J V III
9 - Outro - Victory of the Black Mass

Genocide Beast side:

10 - Intro
11 - Eradication of the Christian Dogma
12 - An Oblivious Journey
13 - Genocide Upon the Children of Nazarene
14 - The Ravenous Beast
15 - Eternal Sacrilege

Black Ceremonial Kult line-up:

Khaos - vocals/bass
Vilú - guitars
Negro - drums

Genocide Beast line-up:

Zyklonik Devastator - vocals/guitars
Warazathoth - drums

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