Monday, October 12, 2020

Milksnake - "The Real Eye of God" (DIY co-production, 2020)

Band: Milksnake
Title: The Real Eye of God
Genre: Punk Rock with Hardcore Punk and Rock'n'Roll tunes
Time: 18.58 min
Release date: 13th June 2020
Vote: 82/100

If I were to use two adjectives to describe a band like Milksnake, well, I would use "unlucky" and "determined". "Unlucky" because Milksnake suffered many line-up changes since their foundation in 2010, and it seems that, between 2018 and 2019, they had 2 bassplayers and 3 guitarplayers but all of them left the band for the most absurd reasons, in according to the words of Giuzu and Hari, that, respectively vocals/bass and drums of Milksnake, represent their core since their early days. But "determined" because, to finally record their debut album "The Real Eye of God" after only an EP in 2011, they said a gigantic FUCK to all these issues by switching Giuzu from guitar to bass and finding a stable guitarist in the person of Davide, that, before recording the album in 2019, did only two rehearsals with the band! After many efforts, Milksnake released this "The Real Eye of God" in 2020 in a DIY co-production involving Italian labels like Rumagna Sgroza Records, Mastice Produzioni, Rumori in Cantina, 02 Records and True Believers Booking along with Pogohai Records from Germany. So, here you are this Italian three-piece called Milksnake and their long-held debut album!