Thursday, February 16, 2017

Paria - "Knochenkamp" (World Terror Committee, 2016)

Band: Paria
Title: Knochenkamp
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 25th December 2016
Time: 28 min
Rating: 80/100

I must say that it's very difficult that the German label World Terror Committee, managed by Sven Zimper of the known and controversial NSBM band Absurd, disappoints the fans of black metal. In fact, this label supports many brave black metal bands often full of strong occult/esoteric lyrics. So, W.T.C. deserves a lot also this time due to its compatriots Paria and their mini-album "Knochenkamp"!

Paria, guided by the guitarist Akeon, aren't a new band considering that they plays even since 1995. Hence, they lived the so-called golden years of the second wave's black metal also if, at that time, they recorded only some unofficial demos releasing their first album even in 2008 after many line-up changes. Now, Paria have spewed forth 3 albums, and the most appreciated of them is the last one, "Surrealist Satanist", which saw the rays of light just through World Terror Committee in A.D. 2013.