Monday, February 11, 2019

My Minds Mine - "Passengers of the Void" (Selfmadegod Records, 2018)

Band: My Minds Mine
Title: Passengers of the Void
Genre: Grindcore
Time: 16.58 min
Release Date: 12th October 2018
Rating: 70/100

Nowadays it's a inevitable thing! More and more old bands are reforming after many years of silence. It seem that Selfmadegod Records loves to support bands of this kind, as exemplified recently on these pages with the mighty Psychoneurosis. But today there is another example thanks to My Minds Mine, a Dutch grindcore band whose psychotic "campaign for musical destruction" started in 1995. Dead in 2002 after releasing two very short full-lenght albums and some splits in according to the purest grindcore tradition (no splits with Agathocles, and this is really strange!), My Minds Mine are back in 2015. After their return, they released two splits with Suffering Quota and Sick of Stupidity, and, then, it was time to give a violent birth to the comeback album: "Passengers of the Void". Now cover your fukken ears if you don't want to be deaf for the rest of your life!