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Psychoneurosis - "The Fall of Humanity" (Selfmadegod Records, 2018)

Band: Psychoneurosis
Title: The Fall of Humanity
Genre: Grindcore
Time: 26.27 min
Release Date: 16th November 2018
Rating: 88/100

First strange thing: "The Fall of Humanity" is the debut album of a band that was even born in the far far September 1991. This band is named Psychoneurosis and, between 1992 and 2001, they released several demos, splits (a BUNCH of splits!) and also a live album. Then, these Polish maniacs decided to terminate Psychoneurosis. Fortunately, in 2016 their reunion became reality when Sonia, the original vocalist, gave new life to them with the result to be soon followed by Jasiu (their original drummer that played also in Infatuation of Death) and the new entry Laski from the death/grinders Bottom. So, after many gigs, Psychoneurosis released two things in 2018: the first one has been a split along with the omnipresent Agathocles (I seriously think that they have realized and will be realize a split with every grindcore band in the world!); and the second one is just this "The Fall of Humanity". It's true that's better late than never because this debut album released by the fantastic grindcore Polish label Selfmadegod Records deserves a fukken lot!

Second (very) strange thing: the cover artwork of "The Fall of Humanity" is essentially the same of Napalm Death's "From Enslavement to Obliteration"! Yes, many things have been happened in the metal and hardcore punk scenes throughout the years but Psychoneurosis are strongly remained loyal to the roots of grindcore. In fact, they play a raw grindcore characterized by plenty of (ultra)-fast assaults, many death metal as well hardcore punk influences, some severe and apocalyptic riffs someway close to black metal (and also to the French band Chiens), and by a crazy vocal performance by Sonia divided between doglike growls and totally demented and urticant screams. Nothing new on the grindcore front since Psychoneurosis can remind you a lot of Napalm Death, Terrorizer and Repulsion but they play all this with a monstrous intensity. In addition, there is a good variety in the tracklist, as shown in songs such as "A New Chapter" (an instrumental intro that is the slower number in the album), "I Want to Be Cool" (that has some fantastic groovy mid-tempos with thrash metal tunes), "I am the Truth" (a bit melodic in certain parts), and "Walls of Shame" (which contains a very nice black metal-oriented mid-tempo). So, why do you pretend originality if "The Fall of Humanity" is so intense and spontaneous in its pure grindcore manic attack?
Usual thing (for me): really, I don't care a colossal fuck about originality because I consider "The Fall of Humanity" as a must have for every grindcore maniac! Ok, maybe the cover artwork could be done with a better imagination without being a copycat of the "F.E.T.O."'s artwork but, sincerely, this is a very little flaw. And now, you have two news: Psychoneurosis are currently looking for a label that want to release the album in vinyl version; and, finally, they are in the bill of the 19th edition of the Grind the Nazi Scum Fest that will be between 16th and 18th May 2019 in Brückenkopf. And it's very nice that, in the bill, there are also other bands hosted on these pages like Crisis Benoit and Taste the Floor. Wow, this new edition must be devastating!

1 - A New Chapter
2 - Modern Technology
3 - Strong Scene
4 - Where Are We Heading
5 - Authority
6 - How Much Are You Worth
7 - The Fall of Humanity
8 - I Want to Be Cool
9 - Brexshit
10 - GMO
11 - Alone
12 - I Am the Truth
13 - How Much Longer
14 - Give Hope
15 - Pseudo Patriots
16 - Weather Modification
17 - Walls of Shame
18 - Nekrofile i zajoby
19 - Last Few Hours
20 - Chrum Chrum Grind


Sonia - vocals
Laski - guitars
Jasiu - drums

Selfmadegod Records:

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