Monday, October 5, 2020

Rise of the Stateless Wolf - "Born Dead/Year of the Rats" (Italian Extreme Underground, 2020)

Rise of the Stateless Wolf
Title: Born Dead/Year of the Rats
Genre: Black Metal/Hardcore/Sludge
Time: 16.06 min
Release Date: 14th February 2020
Vote: 85/100

Hey brutal bangers,
this is a very particular article because it is the debut review of a new collaborator of Timpani allo Spiedo after many months that it was a one-man zine! His name is Francesco Bazzurri! He isn't only a longtime metalhead but also a theatre director with a strong passion for H.P. Lovecraft. In addition, he worked with me for the HC punk compilation that we published on 15th July 2020 under the title of "Se beccamo ner pit!". Needless to say, I'm very honored to work with Francesco also for the 'zine!
But what's about his first review? His first review is about "Born Dead/Year of the Rats", the debut EP, released by Italian Extreme Underground, of Rise of the Stateless Wolf, an Italian three-piece with members coming from other bands like Nurmur and Heathen/Lifecode. So, enjoy a very enthusiastic review about a release that, edited digitally and also in a tape limited to 50 copies, promises a good future for this band!


Experimentation is not an easy way!
A gloomy Ganesh lurks on the cover album like an omen of an aspiring and iconic first work: the path to perfection, a dangerous and halted road suspended in determining the Real from the Unreal.
Who are Rise of the Stateless Wolf? A group of explorers, because their musical trip goes across the purity of asceticism tainting it with an antithetical, obscure and brutal sound.