Saturday, September 28, 2019

O.D.R.A/Parh - "O.D.R.A/Parh" (Mythrone Promotion/Defense Records, 2019)

Bands: O.D.R.A/Parh
Title: O.D.R.A/Parh
Genre: Sludge Metal
Time: 35.12 min
Release Date: 30th March 2019
Rating: 72

You know, generally I don't like so much the slow metal but, as always, there are some exceptions also in this case. This case is about sludge metal, a doom metal variation that I like more because it's influenced a lot by hardcore punk, so it's more aggressive and violent if compared with the classic doom metal. Obviously, there are sludge metal bands that are more aggressive and hardcore punk-oriented than others, as greatly exemplified just by this split between two Polish sludgy acts that I'm going to review today. Released by Mythrone Promotion along with Defense Records (both are usually used to produce more violent stuff), this split see as main characters the prolific O.D.R.A and the younger Parh, and each of them plays the same genre in two very different ways. So let's discover their own ways now!