Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Valfaris (Steel Mantis, 2019)

Title: Valfaris
Genre: Videogame
Release date: 10th October 2019
Vote: 90/100

It was a lot of time that I wanted to open a section entirely focused on the videogames... or better, METAL videogames! They are "metal" in the sense that they are characterized by heavy metal influences not only in their soundtrack but also in their imagery, in their look, in some references. They can be videogames of every kind of genre but, since the aggressiveness of their metal nature, they often belongs obviously to the action games, that are also my favourite ones. And I don't care if they are in 2D, in 3D or in any dimension you want because the important is that they are good and enjoyable. But now I think that this new section could be only opened with an action game released in 2019 whose soundtrack was made by nothing else than an ex-Celtic Frost member: Valfaris!