Friday, October 23, 2020

Galera - "Fai finta che mi ami" (Fresh Outbreak Records/Sedation Records, 2020)

Band: Galera
Title: Fai finta che mi ami
Genre: Hardcore Punk with Metal and Crust Punk influences
Time: 12.04 min
Release dates: 9th June 2020 (self-release)
                       18th September 2020 (Fresh Outbreak Records/Sedation Records)
Vote: 75/100

The story of the hardcore punk band Galera ("jail" in Italian) from Rome Caput Mundi is very tormented: born in 2012, they started their career with big enthusiasm and they had also the honour to support bands of the calibre of Napalm Death, Cripple Bastards, Anaal Nathrakh and Brujeria. But, throughout their parable, they released only 2 EPs before 2020: "Roma Isterica" in 2012 and "Sanguine" in 2015. After some years of total silence, Galera came back live in 2019 in a gig where I was present and so, took by a new energy to destroy the stages, they supported nothing else than Sick of It All. But after other time, the silence failed again on the band. Fortunately, Galera recovered their activities in 2020. In fact, they were reborn like a phoenix since they are now a one-man band directed by their guitarist Roberto, that recorded alone everything for their new EP "Fai finta che mi ami", initially self-released on CD in June 2020 and then edited on tape in September by the Italian labels Fresh Outbreak Records and Sedation Records. Do you know what I say? Fuck, Roberto did very well to roll up his sleeves because projects like Galera deserve to continue to annihilate ears, and soon I'll explain why!