Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Holycide - "Annihilate...Then Ask!" (Xtreem Music, 2017)

Band: Holycide
Title: Annihilate...Then Ask!
Genre: Thrash Metal
Year: 1st February 2017
Time: 42 min
Rating: 86/100

The story of the Spanish thrash metal band Holycide seems to be a novel! In fact, Holycide were born even in 2004 when Dave Rotten from Avulsed and the guitarist Vicente Paya decided to create together a very violent thrash metal project in a period where the horrible metalcore dominated the scene while the aggressive return of the thrash metal seemed to be a chimera. But unfortunately, Vicente wasn't the right person to realize the aforementioned thrash metal dreams due to his lack of commitment, so Dave stayed alone. From here, a very tormented story started also because Dave found the first stable members for his project only in 2012-2013 thanks to the guitarist Miguel Bárez and the bassist Dani Fernández, and both were very fundamental for the first official demo of Holycide titled "No Escape", a raw effort also due to the use of a drum-machine (and I HATE the drum-machine!) while these 3 guys dubbed their music as "Motherfucking Thrash Metal". But, during a nice day and since the desired return of the true thrash metal into the scene, Miguel launched the idea to change Holycide from a studio project to a real band with the result that they became in 2014 a classic quintet with the addition of the guitarist Salva Esteban and the (totally human!) drummer Jorge Utrera. Hence, here you are, after an endless story, the Holycide's debut album titled "Annihilate...Then Ask!", released via Xtreem Music (which is, as you know, the label of the same Dave Rotten) with a fantastic cover artwork made by the known Belarusian artist Andrei Bouzikov with his now very recognizable trademark.