Monday, November 11, 2019

Marci su Roma 2 Fest (Rome, 2nd November 2019)

Festival: Marci su Roma 2 Fest
Date: 2nd November 2019
Location: CSOA Strike
Price: 8 €

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I saw incredible things this 2nd November 2019 at the Strike squat! In fact, that night the second edition of the HC punk festival Marci su Roma was held, and there is need to say that this festival has now become a great appointment. If you remember well, the first edition was located at the 360 pub, but this location is so little that the fest was slightly a mess since there were too attendants. This year the organizers thought well to keep the fest at the Strike squat, that, instead, is a great place fit for this kind of important events. Another notable difference with the previous edition is that the fest, while it featured only Italian bands in 2018, is international now because, among the 12 bands in the bill, there were two acts coming from abroad, precisely from UK and Scotland: I am respectively talking about The Restarts and, especially, the Scottish legends Oi Polloi. Instead, the political sense, in a strong anarchist way, of this fest is essentially the same, and it isn't a case if Marci su Roma 2 was organized at the Strike, a squat under menace of eviction since some months.