Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Crurifragium - "Beasts of the Temple of Satan" (Invictus Productions, 2017)

Band: Crurifragium
Title: Beasts of the Temple of Satan
Genre: Bestial Black/Death metal
Year: 30th January 2017
Time: 31 min
Rating: 89/100

Total devastation. Uncontrollable chaos and fury. The Planet Earth attacked mercilessly by the colossal hordes of Satan for the ultimate desolation. I think that these are the feelings that has necessarily provoke every bestial black/death metal album, conceiving the ears of the listeners as something to torture. And these are just the feelings that I feel every time I listen to "Beasts of the Temple of Satan" of Crurifragium from Seattle, Washington (USA). For the truth, this debut album is the sacrilegious coronation of a band once known as Warpvomit, the old moniker with which they release only a demo then reissued in a compilation disseminated by Iron Bonehead Productions in 2016 and titled "Barbaric Triumph of Evil". If all this isn't enough, there is need to say that some members of Crurifragium plays also in Demoncy, an historic US black metal band, and this is a very good curriculum yet. Now stop with the introductions and see what Crurifragium. have to offers to us with this album released by the Irish label Invictus Productions.