Friday, January 10, 2020


I've started listening to punk music when I was 12. I can literally say that punk has changed my life! What I most like about punk (or what it'd idyllically be eheh) is that there are no judgments and the reality is presented in all its harsh and brutal form. The only things that matter are the values and respect.
Although there are many subgenres, I personally feel bound to hardcore punk. I've always liked every punk subgenre and I do like punk 77, post-punk as well as all the bands that came before the movement and that in a certain way have inspired it, such as the Stooges, the MC5, the Velvet Underground.
But, in my opinion, hardcore punk is different. It's not only a matter of music, even if I really like its rough and fast sound, and its rhythm. In this case the key point is the mindset and attitude. “We got that attitude” said the Bad Brains in their song called “Attitude”. It's a positive mental state of mind that allows you to live and face your daily hassles as well as major problems with a new perspective, far from negativity. Positivity, energy and, of course, good attitude. To me it’s so important that within the punk scene and music there’s this kind of mentality, and I'm so happy when I see all this love, respect and fidelity to what you really are. It can really help you to stay true to yourself. No masks, no pretenses, it doesn’t matter how you look like (just think about a band like Hüsker Dü!). Stay true to yourself. This is a beautiful message. It goes straight to the core of your soul.
I've seen a few documentaries about hardcore punk but there’s no doubt that being able to see a concert and feel the energy is fundamental in order to feel this energy. I'm saying that because that’s what has occurred to me, in particular last July when I had the chance to see H2O live in London. There was magic in the air.
So, when Flavio asked me to write an article on my favorite hardcore punk albums (in no particular order), I was more than happy to "accomplish the task" hahah! BUT, I must admit that it’s really hard for me to make a top 10 since I love so many albums that I need a top 1000 (so that I could include Minor Threat, Fugazi, 7 Seconds, Terror and many other bands)!

So… let`s start… today!