Friday, September 14, 2018

Truchlo Strzygi - "Pora umierać" (Godz ov War Productions, 2018)

Band: Truchlo Strzygi
Title: Pora umierać
Genre: Black Metal with many HC Punk influences
Time: 41 min
Year: 22nd May 2018
Rating: 91/100

Truchlo Strzygi: behind this unpronunceable moniker, there is a Polish band that, after I listened again and again their debut album "Pora umierać", is now a TRVE CULT for me! Why? Firstly, because of the war metal look of these 4 demons, that wears gasmasks, bullet belts and also t-shirts of bands like the mighty Conqueror, and you know I adore this kind of look! Secondly, for their punkish "I DON'T GIVE A TOTAL FUCK"-attitude, that gives to the music a particular bestial energy to their music. Thirdly, for the booklet of the album; a booklet that, from the text (all the lyrics are present) to the drawings, is so totally hand-written that it bring you in the '80s, when the lyric sheets of the extreme metal and HC tapes were chaotic and, indeed, hand-written...and without forgetting that some of the drawings spews forth a black humour in a comic style also when the scenes represented are ultra-violent! And, last but  not least, for the music, which is incredibly surprising and creative.