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Truchlo Strzygi - "Pora umierać" (Godz ov War Productions, 2018)

Band: Truchlo Strzygi
Title: Pora umierać
Genre: Black Metal with many HC Punk influences
Time: 41 min
Year: 22nd May 2018
Rating: 91/100

Truchlo Strzygi: behind this unpronunceable moniker, there is a Polish band that, after I listened again and again their debut album "Pora umierać", is now a TRVE CULT for me! Why? Firstly, because of the war metal look of these 4 demons, that wears gasmasks, bullet belts and also t-shirts of bands like the mighty Conqueror, and you know I adore this kind of look! Secondly, for their punkish "I DON'T GIVE A TOTAL FUCK"-attitude, that gives to the music a particular bestial energy to their music. Thirdly, for the booklet of the album; a booklet that, from the text (all the lyrics are present) to the drawings, is so totally hand-written that it bring you in the '80s, when the lyric sheets of the extreme metal and HC tapes were chaotic and, indeed, hand-written...and without forgetting that some of the drawings spews forth a black humour in a comic style also when the scenes represented are ultra-violent! And, last but  not least, for the music, which is incredibly surprising and creative.

Before talking about the music, there is need to say that the opening song "Apokaliptyczny młot (Obliteracja poprzez życie)" starts with a sort of childish song sang by a man that, then, laughs. After that, there is an announcer that, literally, introduce Thruchlo Strzygi to the listeners! In brief, this is a surreal intro that I've ever heard in my entire life, also because it says absolutely nothing about the music played by the band...and this is really fukken good!

Now, I have to say that Truchlo Strzygi have created a very peculiar musical style that consist in a punkish and irreverent black metal strongly influenced by the '80s masters of the genre and also a lot by hardcore punk. All this is even more peculiar thanks to the totally drunken, intentionally out of tuned and awkward vocals of the main singer Gambit that, at times helped by the guitarist/bassist P. also in order to create some curious gang choruses, screams in a way close to HC punk than metal. But believe me that, despite this rawness, the band plays in a lesser primitive manner than you can imagine, including actually some short moments with minimalistic keyboards!

In fact, the songs are really dynamic so to range from blast-beats explosions ala Sarcofago to haunting doom tempos through a plenty of scrapping d-beat moments that are perfect to mosh like possessed. Surprisingly, Truchlo Strzygi are even able to spew forth somehow "refined" solutions like in "Sadystyczny masowy mord" where, at a certain point, they play the same riff at a more and more slow pace until to accelerate abruptly. And we mustn't forget that the dynamicity of the songs is allowed also by their lenght since some of them lasts often 5 minutes, and this is strange for a band so punkish like this one.
If all this isn't enough for you, the album contains many memorable songs. My favorite ones are "Świat pędzi ku przestrodze (Pradawne demony)" (that has an amazing second part full of tribal drums), the d-beat crust punkish with doom sequences in the middle "Jestem (Żyję, gniję, umieram)" (where Anti-Cimex meets Black Sabbath!) and "Stary kult śmierci (Ozłocone truchło)" (a 7-minute tour de force complete of '90s freezing black metal riffs). And, among all this punkish black slaughter, there is even a sort of perverted ballad named "Busola do nikąd", a melancholic number with some acoustic guitars that's able to surprise everyone!

In conclusion, Godz ov War Productions have released an album which completely deserves to be into my TOP TEN productions of this 2018. This because this delirium by Truchlo Strzygi shows a music that's genuinely rooted in the '80s (also for the attitude), raw, energetic, dynamic, creative and totally mad by offering a lethal mixture between Darkthrone, Sarcofago, Anti-Cimex and Venom with the result to present some comparisons with another expoited band like the Slovakians Malokarpatan. Maybe, the only flaw is about some very out of tuned screams but, anyway, the use of the Polish language, even though I don't understand a single fukken word, gives to the music a unique harshness. At this point, I would like so much to see Truchlo Strzygi on stage since, by watching a live performance of the band through YouTube, I think that their gigs must be a truly chaotic and funny experience in the sign of BLACK'N'PUNK METAL!!!

Truchlo Strzygi: a moniker, a band, a CULT!

P.S.: this album belongs to the new releases of Godz ov War Prod whose I received in physical CD format some months ago directly from the boss of the label. The other CDs are about the Swiss black/death/doom metal band Lykhaeon and the US black/doomsters Gravecoven. So, expect reviews about them in the next days to come.


1 - Apokaliptyczny młot (Obliteracja poprzez życie)
2 - Sadystyczny masowy mord
3 - Tu gdzie czarna zorza płonie
4 - Świat pędzi ku przestrodze (Pradawne demony)
5 - Śmierć i płomień
6 - Busola do nikąd
7 - Jestem (Żyję, gniję, umieram)
8 - Stary kult śmierci (Ozłocone truchło)


Gambit - vocals
Alkatraz - guitars/keyboards
P. - bass/guitars/vocals
Kaczor - drums

Godz ov War Prod:

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