Saturday, January 13, 2018

Terrörhammer - "Under the Unholy Command" (Deathrune Records, 2015)

Band: Terrörhammer
Title: Under the Unholy Command
Genre: Black/Speed Metal
Year: 16th October 2015
Time: 35 min
Rating: 90/100

It's incredible but, 6 months ago, Matt of the Spanish label Deathrune Records sent to me some of his releases but only in these last days I started to listen to them, starting from "Under the Unholy Command" here reviewed. This is the crushing debut album of Terrörhammer, a Serbian duo born in 2010 through the will of Pentagramator The Helltyrant (already known on these pages for his militancy in the mighty All My Sins) and WarBeast Holocausto. Unfortunately, this last one (that now is into the line-up of nothing else than...Gorgoroth!) left the band and, without his consent, Pentagramator continued the infernal path of Terrörhammer recruiting the bassplayer BBK Necro Doctor (the same that played that amazing bass solo in a song by All My Sins!) and the drummer T-Scream Agonizer. And let me say that this decision by Pentagramator was fuckin' wise because "Under the Unholy Command", now released in 2015, is awesome!