Friday, August 31, 2018

Spectral - "Neural Correlates of Hate" (Loud Rage Music, 2018)

Band: Spectral
Title: Neural Correlates of Hate
Genre: Progressive Technical Death Metal
Time: 43 min
Year: 12th March 2018
Rating: 86/100

Incredible but true! Ciprian Martin, leader and guitarist/bassplayer of Spectral (founded in the now far 2004), written all the 9 songs of their debut album "Neural Correlates of Hate" in 2013 but, back then, he hadn't the right people to record it. After some years, those people were founded not only in the vocalist Andrei Calmuc (CodeRed, ex-Indian Fall) but even in a French session drummer that is nothing else than Romain Goulon, known to playing in the past in bands such as Necrophagist, Blasphemer (Italy), Benighted and many many others. So, "Neural Correlates of Hate" has been finally recorded and, then, released under the auspices of the Romanian label Loud Rage Music.