Friday, October 2, 2020


Hey brutal bangers,
2 months ago I reviewed "Reinventing Darkness" by Skulld and, already after the first listening session, I was really hit by the outstanding music played by these 5 death metal maniacs. In addition, I found also very interesting their lyrics, that deal with occultism and esoterism from a feminist point of view, surely not so common in metal music. So, I thought well to contact directly the band in order to ask them some questions. The final result of this chat is awesome, as you will see soon!
Prepare to read an interview that is very interesting and full of enthusiast answers by Teo and Pam (respectively drummer and singer of Skulld), ranging through various themes regarding the metal culture, the feminism, the squats, the veganism... and lady Ines, the old woman to whom their guitarist Enrico dedicated the Slayer's "Raining Blood"!