Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dekapited - "Sin misericordia" (Suicide Records, 2017; Defense Records, 2018)

Band: Dekapited
Title: Sin misericordia
Genre: Thrash metal with some Black Metal influences
Time: 36.34 min
Year: 1st June 2017 (Suicide Records)
           2018 (Defense Records)
Rating: 72/100

After a long live report about a grindcore/power violence festival, today we'll back to talk about a thrash metal slaughter released by Defense Records. For the truth, "Sin misericordia", the new EP by Dekapited, was originally released in 2017 by the small Chilean label Suicide Records, and, then, reissued by other labels, included the same Defense Rec. Its version is a little bit special because it contains not only the original 6 tracks of the EP but also other 6 numbers taken from a 2017 show in which these 4 Chilean maniacs (whose singer/guitarist Camilo Pierattini plays also in the raw black/deathsters Invocation Spells, that belongs to the roster of the infamous Hells Headbangers Records) opened for nothing else than Slayer! I notice you already that there is a great difference in quality between the studio and the live tracks, as you'll see soon.