Friday, April 10, 2020


Hey brutal bangers,
many months ago I enthusiastically reviewed the 7th and last album by Cripple Bastards, "La fine cresce da dentro". So, captured by the curiosity to discover something more about this album, after the review I contacted Luca Pessina from Anubi Press in order to send, through him, a nice interview to Cripple Bastards. Finally, in these last days the same Giulio the Bastard, singer and founder of the band, answered to the interview, so the following are his own words.
Needless to say, apart from thanking Luca to sending the interview to Giulio, I am very honored to present to you an interview to a so historic band, that is also very fundamental for the Italian and even the international grindcore scene. So, enjoy this article from start to finish!