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Hey brutal bangers,
many months ago I enthusiastically reviewed the 7th and last album by Cripple Bastards, "La fine cresce da dentro". So, captured by the curiosity to discover something more about this album, after the review I contacted Luca Pessina from Anubi Press in order to send, through him, a nice interview to Cripple Bastards. Finally, in these last days the same Giulio the Bastard, singer and founder of the band, answered to the interview, so the following are his own words.
Needless to say, apart from thanking Luca to sending the interview to Giulio, I am very honored to present to you an interview to a so historic band, that is also very fundamental for the Italian and even the international grindcore scene. So, enjoy this article from start to finish!

Hey man, how are you? Ready for the interview? Well, let’s start already with this question about your new album: how do you see “La fine cresce da dentro” if compared with your other albums? Do you believe that it is your best album to date so far?

I like all CB albums at equal levels because each of them represents a phase of our history and recalls a specific time. So I'd say that “La fine..” is the best for the specific time it came out.

For the recordings of “La fine cresce da dentro” you came back at the renowned Fredman Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. Why are you so fond of this studio now?

The album was recorded in Italy (all instruments at SPVN studio managed by Stefano Santi and vocals at Toxic Basement Studio managed by Carlo Altobelli) and then mixed at Fredman Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden by Fredrik Nordström. This was our 4th effort with Fredrik, it's a well tested formula that combines the speed and frenzy of our songs (and the way that we perform them) with that granitic production in a Scandinavian way that it's Fred's trademark preserving that kind of intensity and rage that we can deliver on stage.

I read from somewhere that the cover artwork of “La fine cresce da dentro” is a real photo, isn’t it? But what it represents exactly?

Yes, the photo was taken from the database of an old crime news magazine called "La notte" that had full access to the criminal police archives in the '60s/'70s/'80s. The photo is simply the hand of a woman found dead. We liked the very detailed contrast of the dead hand with that ring and the gloves of the person inspecting the body, it perfectly matches with the meaning it has associated with the album title that means "the end grows from within".

Please tell us about the lyrical themes that you faced in this new album. I think that your lyrics are, as usual, very deep, intelligent and also able to make people think.

The lyrics on this album mostly deal with the reality that we live in every day, the growing sense of apathy and superficiality, those who live without feeling life passing by. The message is to understand who you are from deep inside, fight for your identity with the strength of your spirit without letting others decide for you and trample you down. I'm explaining this in a very simplified way, but to be fully understood these lyrics must be read and interpreted with your own head.

Giulio, I always liked a lot your poetic way to write the lyrics for Cripple Bastards. But what pushed you to start to write this kind of lyrics? And what are your main influences in the composition of them? Are you influenced even by some poets?

I am mostly inspired by daily reality and the events that make me suffer or feel the urge to react. Well, having read certain books may have helped formulate certain sentences but basically these lyrics are simply me describing what I see around filtering it through the CB perspective and my way of expressing myself, or call it the CB lyrical key...

Giulio, how can you find always new themes for your lyrics still after so many years with Cripple bastards? Do you think that there are some interesting topics you still didn’t talk about?

I portray daily life and life is constantly changing so the topics to focus on will never run out.

I always see a very fascinating contrast between your poetic and reflexive lyrics and your extreme violent sound. Do you see this contrast, too? If yes, how can you explain it?

You can see these lyrics as reflexive, deep and "poetic", from the sight of the person that wrote them I can say they are simply an expression of violence, negativity and desperation, so they go very well with our kind of sound, they are like bullets that are shot through the Cripple Bastards' specific weapon.

Curiously, I realized that the movie samples are present only in the longer songs of the album, that are “Chiusura forzata” and “Crociati del mare interno”. Why? And where did you take those samples?

The fact that those samples have only been inserted in the longer tracks is a simple casuality. Those samples are taken from movies, I don't like to reveal which ones, if one is really interested he has to find out by himself.

Considering that “Equilibrio ansiogeno”, “Interrato vivo” and “Quali sentieri” are micro-songs that could be perfect to be into “Decessi per cause sconosciute”, why did you not incorporate directly them in this last track?

It's just because they were matching well in that order and division, our tracklisting settings are always the result of multiple listening and considerations that deal with the impact and listening flow of the whole album, which has to give a sense of punches in the face from start to finish.

Speaking about “Decessi per cause sconosciute”, this is a very special number because it see 19 micro-songs in a time space of only 80 seconds circa. Do you want to tell something about it? For example, how was born it? And what is its main lyrical message?

There's no need to give many explanations, CB is a band rooted in late '80s noisecore/grind and our early demos and singles were all made of micro-songs. So that's the basic idea and tradition that we kept alive through 3 decades and that is somehow recurring on all our albums, take the example of "94 x flashback di massacro" on "Misantropo a senso unico" or "Passi falsi" and "Marcatori positivi" on "Nero in metastasi".

“La fine cresce da dentro” is your first full-length album with the drummer Raphael Saini. I think that his technical approach adds more dynamics to your sound. Are you agree with me? But exactly when did he join Cripple Bastards and why?

Yes, Raphael is an extremely skilled drummer and he added even more violence and intensity to the CB sound, without wanting to take anything down from the work of Al Mazzotti, that was also a blasting beast. Raphael joined CB approximately 5 years ago, because at some point things with his predecessor weren't going along well so we came to a separation point and had the incredible luck to find Raph and get him onboard in few months.

Why did Wild Vitto leave the band? Did he leave you after the album recordings?

From my point of view he was a very introverted person and could not fit well to the team spirit of the band, also - he didn't seem very enthusiastic about being able to tour and travel around the world... During the recording phase we felt that all this was turning into a sense of intolerance towards the rest of the band, so we progressively parted ways.

Please tell us something about Giulio “Zazzo” Sassola, the only guest in your last album. Who is he?

Arrgh man come on, what a question?! Zazzo is the singer of Negazione... the history of Italian hardcore, a living legend!! [AAAARGH! - Flavio]

I know you made an official video for the song “Passi nel vuoto”. Why did you decide to promote the album starting with this song? And what is the link between its lyrics and the shocking, violent images in the video?

We chose that song together with the Relapse team, it sums up really well many of the features that characterize "La fine cresce da dentro", it represents the whole album well. The lyrics deal with mass consumption and the coldness of those who devour and devastate the world without even think what all this is leading to. So the contrast with the inertia and expressionlessness of stacks of corpses was matching well.

Relapse Records isn’t surely famous for signing many Italian metal bands throughout its existence. So, what is it like to feel to be the only Italian band into the current roster of one of the best extreme metal labels in the world?

We're satisfied with what Relapse has done with us through the years, we're also one of the few grindcore bands in their current roster so that's something that means a lot to us.
As for being the only Italian band they have signed so far, honestly who cares?

For many years, your line-up was composed of 5 elements while now you are in 4. Do you think to be a quartet for the next years? What are the main differences between being a quartet and being a quintet?

The main differences are in the on-stage approach, because playing live as a 5-piece you can add more guitar details from those arrangements that usually come up in studio recordings when you write songs for 2 guitars. When you go back from 5 to 4 you have to point all your focus on the intensity and the hardcore live approach that a band like CB can unleash. It's two different dimensions, both are working well, one is more leaning towards the technical side of the things, the other is the simple fact that to play grindcore with the right amount of neckbreaking speed and aggressiveness, a 4 piece can be more than enough.

I read that your Japanese tour with Raw Power has been a great success! How was organized this 6-day trip in Japan? What are the best moment to remember of this tour? And what do you tell us about Raw Power? I believe that they are a real force on stage!

Yes, the tour with Raw Power was fantastic, a memorable string of shows that will always stay in our hearts. It was organized by a dear friend of mine based in Yokohama, with my assistance - in a totally DIY way. All the shows were incredible, above all Nagoya, Tokyo and Yokohama. Raw Power are friends and a devastating live act. It was their first time in Japan and there were a lot of maniacs waiting for them, they are extremely popular around there. This CB + RP combo was simply perfect and the feedback there was beyond all expectations. Plus the fact that when we tour Japan we're always supported by their legendary bands.. this time we had the honor to share the stage with myths like Nightmare, Systematic Death, Rocky And The Sweden, Tomorrow, Abigail, Forward, Contrast Attitude and the list goes on...

I remember very vividly your last gig in Rome at the Traffic Live Club. What do you remember about it? And will you come back in Rome, soon or later? I hope soon than later!

Traffic Club is a place of friends and we always enjoy performing there. This was our 4th or 5th time in the club and every time the reaction is good. We'll be back as soon as possible, it's a fact.

Upcoming news for Cripple Bastards? Where will you play in your next live gigs?

At the time that I'm answering to this interview we're all locked at home due to the Covid-19 outbreak that plagued our country. We had an Italian tour scheduled, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Misantropo a senso unico" that was postponed for obvious reasons. We still can't tell when we will be back on stage, but of course we'll try to do it as soon as life here will return to how things were before.

Ok Giulio, I hope that this endless interview was nice for you! At this point, feel free to say what you want and thank you for your answers! See ya!

I want to apologize for taking months to reply to this interview, I'm always too busy at work. Huge thanks for your support and to those who took a break to read this. Check the CB news on and and get our official merch via and

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