Friday, December 8, 2017

Impiety/Necrowretch/Gort/Nefastoreth (Rome, 1st December 2017)

Bands: Impiety/Necrowretch/Gort/Nefastoreth
Location: Traffic Live Club - Rome (RM), Italy
Date: 1st December 2017

Finally, on 1st December 2017 there has been the first night of the long-held Goatvomit Festival, that's one of the very few occasions here in Rome to see in action real underground and extreme metal bands from abroad like the Singaporeans Impiety and the Finns Archgoat. Impiety, out there since the early '90s (without counting their first incarnation under the moniker Sexfago during the end of the '80s), were the main act of this first night happened at the Traffic Live Club, the main Roman place for this kind of events. Their Roman descent has been the very first gig related to their "Winter War Apocalypse Tour", an Italian-French tour (that will end just tomorrow) made along with the French maniacs Necrowretch. Instead, the bands that supported them are both Italians and they are called Nefastoreth and Gort.