Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Golden Blood - "Cum, Coke & Blasphemy" (Witching Hour Productions, 2020)

Band: Golden Blood
Title: Cum, Coke & Blasphemy
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal with some Heavy Metal influences
Release date: 30th March 2020
Time: 15.56 min
Vote: 75/100

Very interesting debut EP for Golden Blood, that I received in an awesome CD version by the Polish label Witching Hour Productions. Golden Blood is a one-man band from Austria guided with iron will by Erech Leleth, that recently released another EP, entitled "Rippin' the Wild". But, in this space, I'll talk you about "Cum, Coke & Blasphemy".

Thursday, December 24, 2020


Hey brutal bangers,
in full lockdown I reviewed the long-held debut album of Hybridized, a Roman death/thrash/groove metal quintet that consists, among them, of the singer Marco Patarca, with which I worked together some years ago as an extreme metal DJ at a heavy metal club. So, it was a pleasure to review their work and, with the occasion, I saw also them on stage when they played at the Traffic Live Club in Rome on 25th September 2020, in a night where they were supported by a young prog metal band called Other Way Round, that replaced the original supporting act that was supposed to be the nu metallars Katana Banana.
As a coronation of all this, I thought well to interview Hybridized. The following is the chat, that I translated from Italian to English, that I had with them. Enjoy it!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Culto del Cargo - "Memorie in lingua morta" (Self-released, 2020)

Culto del Cargo
Title: Memorie in lingua morta
Genre: Crust Punk/D-Beat
Time: 21.30 min
Release date: 5th September 2020
Vote: 95/100

Hey crust punkers,
after the strange Austrian blacksters Tristwood, Francesco Bazzurri has listened, in these days, to an album that has nothing to do with extreme metal: "Memorie in lingua morta". It is the self-released debut album of Culto del Cargo, a quartet from the Northern Italy born in 2010 that I knew many years ago through, when they released their first demo in 2011. Playing an hammering crust punk/d-beat that leaves no breath in any cases to the listeners, this album is very interesting. But now I suggest you to read the review by Francesco so to understand better why it's so interesting. Hence, enjoy his article!


Hi, extreme metal lovers!
Few days ago, I was reading an old book, printed in 70’s, titled “Near future Middle Age”, written by a visionary engineer who prophesise about global overshooting and damages caused by a global wicked politics. So, I was thinking about a possible soundtrack for this work and I choose the good old crust punk! The reason is simple: when you may say directly something, crust punk has no equals. See Doom or Tragedy. But, speaking about affinity between the book and this kind of music, most representative band are, without a doubt, the Italian Culto del Cargo with the album "Memorie in lingua morta".

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

D-Tox - "Splinter of Insane Lucidity" (Autoprodotto, 2020)

Titolo: Splinter of Insane Lucidity
Genere: Thrash Metal sperimentale misto a Metal moderno
Data di pubblicazione: 22 marzo 2020
Durata: 14.36 min
Voto: 74/100

In questi giorni, di solito la roba strana la recensisce Francesco ma stavolta tocca a me. Infatti, quest'oggi avete da leggere una recensione che parla di un gruppo formato da veterani della scena metal romana, con esperienze in gruppi come Helligators o Mindscape, che però suonano non solo in modo molto moderno ma anche terribilmente bizzarro ed eccentrico. Eccovi quindi i D-Tox, quartetto nato nel 2017 per volontà del chitarrista Paolo "Dr. Phibes" Caucci e del bassista Fabio "FX" Capulli, poi raggiunti da Emanuele "Mr. Hellvis" Galanti e Riccardo "Rick Rock" Macrì, rispettivamente cantante e batterista. Insieme, esattamente il 22 marzo 2020, quindi in pieno fottuto lockdown e due giorni prima del mio compleanno da semi-eremita, hanno pubblicato un interessante EP di tre pezzi intitolato "Splinter of Insane Lucidity", altrimenti conosciuto come "S.O.I.L.". Vi garantisco fin da subito che si tratta di un disco veramente folle!

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Symbtomy - "Demo #1" (Self-released, 2020)

Band: Symbtomy
Title: Demo #1
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Time: 15.08 min
Release date: 9th September 2020
Vote: 80/100

Hey death metal maniacs,
a nice review by Francesco Bazzurri about a death metal demo awaits you today!
In fact, this new article is about the debut demo of Symbtomy, an Anglo/Czech trio that, for their first work, was helped by other musicians that figure here as guests, especially on vocals. In this sense, I am talking about veterans of the Swedish death metal like Johan Jansson (Interment, Asocial) and Jonny Petterson (Wombbath), alongside with Ralf Hauber (Revel in Flesh, ex-Immortal Rites) from Germany.
In addition, it seems that this "Demo #1" was kissed by a good success in the underground, since it has recently been edited on cassette by two labels in different periods: the US Frozen Screams Imprint on November; and the Slovakian Immortal Souls Productions this December. I'm glad that Symbtomy, born only in 2019, reached this reception because, as you'll see soon, they deserve a lot.
Now, let's see Francesco said about the demo!


Demo is a seed. You can follow the growth. You can see the potential, the inner creative energy.
Speaking about new seeds to keep an eye on, I have listened to the work of Symbtomy, an Anglo/Czech melodic death metal band. They offer us "Demo #1" , exactly a demo, that contains three very good tracks for a fifteen minutes very powerful ride. The global impression is that the band plays a music that remember glorious bands like Pestilence, but digging deep, their sound contains a personal style.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Citizen Rage - "Black EP" (Wasted Wax Records, 2020)

Citizen Rage
Title: Black EP
Genre: Hardcore Punk with Thrash Metal influences
Time: 8.52 min
Release date: 25th September 2020
Vote: 74/100

After the extreme metal tinged with crust punk of the split Mácula/Extinction Remains, today there's the turn of a Canadian hardcore punk outfit named Citizen Rage. In particular, I'll talk you about their "Black EP", their 6th EP that belongs to a special series of EPs that, entitled after their colour (for example, the previous one is called "Pink EP"), the band is producing since their foundation in 2014. This one was released under the auspices of Wasted Wax Records, in an all-Canadian production. Now let's see what is this "Black EP"!

Friday, December 4, 2020

Mácula/Extinction Remains - "s/t" (Defense Records/Last World Records, 2020)

Mácula/Extinction Remains
Title: s/t
Genre: Crust Punk/Black Metal+Crusty Death/Doom Metal
Time: 33.33 min
Release date: 5th November 2019
Vote: 76/100

One year ago I cited an upcoming all-Brazilian split between Mácula and Extinction Remains, that I received from Mythrone at the early days of 2020, when (almost) no one thought that a nightmarish virus would strike the entire world. Well, after a lot of time, I am going to review this interesting split that, released during the end of 2019 in a co-production between Defense Records and Last World Records, shows two very different bands, both presenting a sound of their own.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Nuclear Holocaust - "The Book of Doom" (Mythrone Promotion/Defense Records, 2020)

Nuclear Holocaust
Title: The Book of Doom
Genre: Punkish Death/Grindcore
Time: 23.17 min
Release date: 21st March 2020
Vote: 78/100

In March of 2020, when the entire world was in full lockdown due to this stupid pandemic, Mythrone sent me three albums in a digital format and, among them, there was "The Book of Doom" by Nuclear Holocaust, that it co-produced with the usual partner Defense Records. But, when the lockdown was finally ended, Mythrone thought well to sent me those album physically. So, after many months (maybe too many!), here you are the review of "The Book of Doom".

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Tristwood - "Blackcrowned Majesty" (Self-released, 2020)

Title: Blackcrowned Majesty
Genre: Industrial and Avantgarde Black Metal with various influences
Time: 38.04 min
Release date: 29th May 2020
Vote: 90/100

Hey freakin' bangers,
this time Francesco Bazzurri reviewed a band that probably will freak out you for their very strange sound. Their name is Tristwood, a quintet coming from Innsbruck, Austria and, if you remember well, I featured them in "Come on, burn my ears! # 8" with their song "Bone Cathedral". Their album here reviewed, the self-released "Blackcrowned Majesty", is their 5th album, another piece of a career devoted to the strangest musical landscapes since 2001. And also to the strangest lyrics that you will discover soon. For the moment, I am going to say only that "Blackcrowned Majesty" is a concept-album whose hallucinated story was included in a very deep press infos, written with a big conviction, that the band sent to Francesco and me.
What are you waiting for? Please read the article and enjoy it... and discover also this band if you didn't know them before now! 


Hi, extreme metal fucking lovers! What about this interesting work, "Blackcrowned Majesty" by Tristwood? First of all, I LOVE CONCEPT ALBUM. And I love so much when an alternative genre, like black metal, try to combine a strong storytelling with its as much strong sonority.