Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Tristwood - "Blackcrowned Majesty" (Self-released, 2020)

Title: Blackcrowned Majesty
Genre: Industrial and Avantgarde Black Metal with various influences
Time: 38.04 min
Release date: 29th May 2020
Vote: 90/100

Hey freakin' bangers,
this time Francesco Bazzurri reviewed a band that probably will freak out you for their very strange sound. Their name is Tristwood, a quintet coming from Innsbruck, Austria and, if you remember well, I featured them in "Come on, burn my ears! # 8" with their song "Bone Cathedral". Their album here reviewed, the self-released "Blackcrowned Majesty", is their 5th album, another piece of a career devoted to the strangest musical landscapes since 2001. And also to the strangest lyrics that you will discover soon. For the moment, I am going to say only that "Blackcrowned Majesty" is a concept-album whose hallucinated story was included in a very deep press infos, written with a big conviction, that the band sent to Francesco and me.
What are you waiting for? Please read the article and enjoy it... and discover also this band if you didn't know them before now! 


Hi, extreme metal fucking lovers! What about this interesting work, "Blackcrowned Majesty" by Tristwood? First of all, I LOVE CONCEPT ALBUM. And I love so much when an alternative genre, like black metal, try to combine a strong storytelling with its as much strong sonority.
I want to made immediately a parallelism with another band that I appreciate very much: Progenie Terrestre Pura. We have a new kind of approach for a smart and cultured renewal of this sound, unexplored territories open in front of us, for our pleasure!
This album tell us about the return of Ar’ath, a legendary ruler, born out of pure blackness and disaster, well known as “The Blackcrowned Majesty”, at the afterworld of Ma’haxul. We will find her coronation, and her oath of allegiance with a dark hero, Rauthra and with an horned hybrid called Hadrit, forming the hordes of the endless Night Shadow. This is the story.
But what about the music? It’s a perfect soundtrack for this saga. The first song "Re-enthronement of the Damned" begins with an electro/dark/ambient sound that explodes into a rampage of distorted voices like an evil autotune, without any mercy.
The second song, "He Who Traversed a Greater Oblivion", changes the register offering us a much more classic track, an orthodox ritual that remembers Bathory’s line but in the third track, "A Blackcrowned Majesty", we assist to another revolution, an hybrid beginning that remind to the darkest side of drum’n’bass and then the fusion with metal and some industrial atmospheres. Very impressive
"Her Wraith Through Stygonian Lands" the experimentation continues. It’s my very personal opinion, but when I listen to this track, I feel some kind of space rock echoes like the glorious Hawkwind! Maybe because I’m halfway through this musical journey and I have synaesthetic cross-references and very stimulating sensations.
"The Hall of Rauthra’s Fate": the most powerful track of this work, guitars cut exactly in two pieces like an ancestral chainsaw.
"Acherontic Deathcult": synthesizers in background do their dirty job offering us moments of pure epicity alternating to the brutality of sound.
"Bone Cathedral": born to bleed your ears. Rapture, torment, and triumph, the darkest soul of this genre spills out in every musical notes.
"Nightshade Eternal": ending this saga building up to an explosive crescendo that is the stylistic signature of Tristwood.
A last thing to say: Tristwood won’t be never commercial. It’s like to read a good book written by a passionate writer and not a ghostwriting work for a stupid influencer or a vapid youtuber. It’s like eating a good traditional dish and not a nouvelle cuisine fucking crap! Accepting no compromises to have a valuable, personal, deep and musically superior work is a precious point of honor. Listening them is similar to stay on a barricade, facing an enemy called homologation


1 - Re-enthronement of the Damned
2 - He Who Traversed a Greater Oblivion
3 - A Blackcrowned Majesty
4 - Her Wraith Through Stygonian Lands
5 - The Hall of Rauthra's Fate
6 - Acherontic Deathcult
7 - Bone Cathedral
8 - Nightshade Eternal


Deimon - vocals/synths/flute
Jegger - vocals/guitars
Neru - guitars/backing vocals/synths
JD - bass/fretless bass solos
HMG - drums

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Tristwood-117030138385682/
BandCamp: https://tristwoodofficial.bandcamp.com/

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