Friday, July 10, 2020

Come on, burn my ears! #8

Hey brutal bangers,
as I wrote in the last article, in these times I am very busy to do the compilation about the LazioHC (that now is entitled "Se beccamo ner pit!", that means "see you in the pit" in Roman dialect), so I found only a very little time to publish new articles for the 'zine. Fortunately, today I found some time to prepare the 8th episode of "Come on, burn my ears!", so this is the result!
This episode is truly special because you'll find almost exclusively only bands never featured before on the 'zine because, during this time of inactivity of the 'zine, 666 albums to review arrived to me. But, as usual, also this new playlist is rich of different styles and genres, so to range from industrial black metal to death metal, from punk rock to grindcore, and there are even somehow particular sounds like the crusty death metal with feminist themes played by Skulld. Plus, there are two bands (Closed Speech and Second by Default) that will participate in the aforementioned compilation!
Now every new word is unnecessary, so let's play this new playlist and ENJOY IT WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART!!!

1) Cruentus - "Everspace"
2) Iato - "Iato"
3) Tzun Tzu - "The Forbidden City"
4) Flat Earth Society - "Pray"
5) Abigorum - "Krieg"
6) Golden Blood - "Cum, Coke & Blasphemy"
7) Xenos - "Filthgrinder"
8) Nomad - "A Wanderer Without Shadow"
9) Milksnake - "Cocaine"
10) Stench of Profit - "Controlled, Manouvered"
11) Eternal Rot - "Descent Into Torment"
12) Puro Odio - "Puro Odio" (full EP)
13) Irdorath - "Disgust of Enlightenment"
14) Gôr Mörgûl - "Elohim"
15) Tristwood - "Bone Cathedral"
16) Closed Speech - "Same Blood"
17) D-Tox - "I"
18) The Bastard Within  "Boredom+Shaman 3.0"
19) Skulld - "Cold Hands in Circle Reborn"
20) Second by Default - "Avista"

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