Monday, March 4, 2019

The Last Oblation - "Ante Ruinam" (self-produced, 2018; Narcoleptica Productions, 2018)

Band: The Last Oblation
Title: Ante Ruinam
Genre: Death Metal with Black Metal influences
Time: 25.18 min
Release Date: 22nd March 2018 (self-produced)
          10th June 2018 (Narcoleptica Productions)
Rating: 79/100

It's never too late! In fact, Juanjo PĂ©rez aka Kasky Svart (ex-Human Carnage), in July 2018, contacted me after reading my review about his friends in Moribundo. He proposed me to review the debut album of his new band called The Last Oblation and, obviously and considering their genre, I said yes without any hesitations. So, here is the review about the self-produced "Ante Ruinam", that the band, founded as a one-man project in 2016, released in the shape of a duo comprising also the singer Dani Torres aka Dani Kraken.