Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Black Rock - "Arcane Remorseless" (Unpure Records, 2018; Defense Records/Mythrone Promotion, 2019)

Band: Black Rock
Title: Arcane Remorseless
Genre: First Wave of Black Metal
Time: 33.29 min
Release Date: 15th August 2018 (Unpure Rec)
30th March 2019 (Defense Rec/Mythrone Prom)
Rating: 70/100

In these days you must expect only the rawest stuff by Defense Records and Mythrone Promotion! If some days ago you realized the blasphemous existence of those black metal punkers known as Aggressive Mutilator, today your life will be infected by another primitive band such as Black Rock. As just Aggressive Mutilator, also Black Rock are a duo coming from Scandinavia. Precisely, they comes from Finland, a country where the '80s black metal is quite widespread thanks to acts of the calibre of Bonehunter or W├Âmit Angel (that last year played in my city, Rome, in a gig unfortunately attended by only...5 people!). But we are talking about Black Rock because of their third album "Arcane Remorseless", that was originally released in 2018 on tape by the Polish label Unpure Records and, then, edited on CD just by Defense Rec along with Mythrone Prom.