Thursday, October 4, 2018

R.O.D. - "#Societykill" (Defense Records/Mythrone Promotion, 2018)

Band: R.O.D.
Title: #SocietyKill
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal with Hardcore Punk influences
Time: 22.16 min
Year: 4th May 2018
Rating: 90/100

What a tremendous slaughter! This second album by R.O.D. (acronym that stands for Razor of Death) is essentially a total slaughter from start to finish that leaves no fukken prisoners such is its violence! And we're talking about a violence not only musical but also lyrical since these 4 Polish maniacs love to face socio-political themes by taking them from positions able to be controversial, as you'll see soon. In addition, all this was released, in cooperation with Mythrone Promotion (that sent to me the physical version of this album), by a Polish label that now you might know very well considering it is a regular presence on these pages (as the same Mythrone): Defense Records.