Monday, October 19, 2020

Nulla+/Othismos - "Nulla+/Othismos" (Self-released, 2020)

Bands: Nulla+/Othismos
Title: Nulla+/Othismos
Genre: Black Metal/Hardcore/Sludge
Time: 11.43 min
Release date: 27th April 2020
Vote: 85/100

Hey manic brutal bangers,
after Rise of the Stateless Wolf, the good Francesco Bazzurri comes back today with another fantastic review, this time about a split album between two Italian bands: Nulla+ (already known on these pages thanks to their split "Impronte/Lacrime" that they shared with Nomura) and Othismos!
Both of them have a similar and alternative way to conceive the black metal genre contaminating it mainly with the hardcore punk. In addition, it's important to underline that this split was self-released in full quarantine time, so, as much music created and/or published during that damned period, also this release has a special meaning.
But now let's go to read this article and enjoy it! 


Welcome back, my wicked brood, fed with growls and killer guitars!
There was a time when double feature movie show was very popular and the viewers could watch two movies paying only one ticket and some of these movies have influenced the collective imagination. Shifting this idea in music, when you get a double feature or better, a split album, you’re sure to have on your hand something very interesting like this “joint venture” of extreme metal music, born from the dreadful marriage between two Italian bands, Nulla+ and Othismos, respectively from Perugia and Montepulciano.