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Hey megabestial nuclear bangers,
after a lot of days without articles of any sort, Timpani allo Spiedo is back with a new interview!
Yes, because time ago I had the idea to propose some questions to Intolerant, a bestial black/death metal duo from Rome whose debut album "Primal Future" was briefly reviewed months ago. Hence, in the following lines you can read an interview that is fast and furious just as the noise perpetrated with extreme hate by this band.
So, enjoy this interview!

Hi guys! How are you? So, how and why was born the project Intolerant? Was it born in full lockdown?

Hi mate! Still alive... for now. Intolerant was born in february 2020 by the will of Antihuman Warmachine and Soul Devourer. We started to record the first guitars and drums sections but after few days we were closed in our house because of the quarantine, at that point we decided to continue all the work from our respective home-studios. Vocals, mixing and mastering sessions were done at Subsound Studios after the quarantine.

Why did you choose to name yourself Intolerant? Are you intolerant against who/what and why?

"Intolerant" is our attitude towards contemporary society. We are intolerant against the procreation of our race first of all: the children of today will be the pollution of tomorrow, in an endless circle of destruction. "Green" solutions and ecological bullshits will not be enough to solve all this but people don't realize it.

Usually a band releases, at least, one demo before publishing the debut album. So, what are the reasons that led you to record already an entire album? 

Because we had all the ideas and the inspiration to compose a full-lenght album since the beginning, that's it.

"Primal Future" has been released by Time to Kill Records, that is owned by Enrico, historic voice of Undertakers. How was born this collaboration between this label and you?

We proposed the album to Enrico Giannone and he liked it very much since the first moment. We are honored to collaborate with him and his label. He is a piece of history of the Italian extreme music.

You are one of the very few Italian bands to play the bestial black/death metal but, maybe, the only one to offer a sound closer to acts like Tetragrammacide, and this means that you play in a way more extreme than the classic formula of the genre. Exactly, what are your influences? Do you think you have something special if compared to similar bands?

We are influenced surely by bands like Blasphemy, Diocletian, Revenge, Archgoat, Black Witchery, Bestial Warlust... we are devoted to Chaos. We have no more special than other new and old bands, we are different because of the sound due to the use of analog machines to create noisy layers.

In according to Metal-Archives, your lyrical themes are focused on nihilism. More precisely, what do you talk in the lyrics? In particular, there is a song whose title attract me a lot, "Ode to Virus". It is referred to Covid? And why is it an ode?

We spread hate against human kind and against all the forms of preservation of the race, we describe a possible future in this world made of primitive wars and violent acts of survival. A "no future" after our capitalistic nuclear madness.
"Ode to Virus" is not only a simple and stupid dedication to Covid, is an ode to all that aims to destroy the human social structures.

Do you want to talk about your relationship with the Ukrainian artist Warhead Art, pretty in-demand in these last years among the most extreme metal circles and that made the cover artwork of your album? Did you want the cover artwork as it is now, and what it exactly represents?

Warhead is one of our favorite artists, we immediately found ourselves affiliated in the style and concept we wanted to propose. The artworks he prepared for "Primal Future" represent post-atomic monsters and apocalyptic visions of a negative future.

You printed a lot of t-shirts so far. Why?

Warhead's artworks deserved to be printed on t-shirts.

Are Intolerant to be intended as a studio-band or do you have intention to play live in the future? Covid permitting...

To play live is not essential for us but invitations are welcome. Anyway our main goal is enclosed in the studio work.

I know that you play in other bands/projects, included Blood Artillery, formed very recently. Do you want to talk also about these other realities? 

We started to play together 10 years ago, envolved in bands/projects of different styles: from Darkwave to extreme Metal, from Industrial to Hard-Techno. For us is not a matter of musical genre but of attitude and we are working on a lot of stuff, just wait and see.

Future projects for Intolerant?

To spread hate through our albums. Intolerant is the voice of war that humans deserve to lose.

The interview is over. Thank you very much to answering to my questions. Now feel free to say what you want. Bye!

Thanks for the interview and stay hateful.

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